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Comprehensive Technology Support for Printers and Antivirus Softwares

The best and the most powerful antivirus software available till date - Norton could be summarized in this way. It provides an overall norton tech support phone number computer from various threats like malwares, spywares, viruses and online threats. It keeps you protected against all possible viruses with the real-time protection feature.
Starting from the interface, Norton exhibits a straightforward and user-friendly interface with only three buttons - Scan Now, Live Update and Advanced. All the options and features are built-into these buttons. The 2012 version also supplies a Facebook Wall scan to remove any malware links. You can view the results of the scan carried out with all its details. The advanced option results in a full-fledged interface where more options are given regarding computer and network security and can enable or disable the features such as for instance Insight Protection, SONAR, Intrusion Prevention, Email and Browser Protection and so on.
Norton Insight is a powerful tool that prevents new online threats from affecting your computer. Additionally, it warns you about dangerous applications that could harm your personal computer even before you download the file ensuring your computer's safety from online threats. The'safe web lite'feature enables you to type a URL and check whether it is safe or not. The'SONAR'is another feature of Norton which will prevent new threats and viruses from infecting your computer. If the antivirus senses any suspicious behavior on your pc because of any new virus, it'll detect such threat and automatically adds it to the current virus database in order that its attack is immobilized.
Another feature of Norton that really needs a mention could be the'System Insight'that monitors one's body activities round the clock and shows the summary of the installations made, threat detections, performance alerts and number of scans made during each month. It alerts you whenever a procedure consumes an important portion of your CPU and displays a graph of the CPU and memory load in an easy manner. The'Autofix'feature of the antivirus tries to repair any problems alone and if it fails, you are able to visit the support website for further assistance. You are never from any kind of assist in Norton. Clicking the'Help'button provides usage of FAQ's, tutorials and other resources. If you are unsatisfied with that, you can obtain live support in the form of 24-hour live chat, e-mail and phone support.
Access information regarding every program installed in your personal computer through the'File Insight'that'll show whether a course is reliable or not, its usage frequency, etc.'Reputation Scan'searches online for a certain program and check whether it is safe or not and its global popularity. Android users can download the application for their phone to keep it safe.