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Examination of Haorun and the Beach of Stories

Experiences concerning the undersea inform about beach palaces and other intriguing beach animals such as the whales, beach turtles and fishes. These 바다이야기​ frequently show wonders that aren't skilled on the earth. These are the best undersea stories.
The way the Whale Got His Throat by Rudyard Kipling in Just So Experiences
A whale takes all the fishes in the sea until there's no longer fish left except a small fish. 1 day, the little fish shows the whale that there surely is a person on a shipwrecked boat on latitude Fifty North, and longitude Forty West. The whale swims and swims and eventually he considers the sailor in the shipwrecked boat. He swallows the man and the boat but chooses to spit them out when he has hiccups. The person demands the whale to take him to his natal shore. While in the ship, he's cut the ship criss combination into grating. When he comes out, he sticks the grating in the whale's throat. From then onwards, the whale just eat little fishes.
The Story of Urashima Taro, the Fisher Lad
Urashima Taro, is a type fisherman, who is competent at capturing fishes by the sea in Japan. One day, he comes across several boys who happen to be tormenting a tortoise. He tells the kids that he will give them some money in trade for the tortoise and they agree. The following day, he units from his vessel to find some fishes and the tortoise calls his name. The tortoise invites him to trip on his back again to the palace of Rin Jin, the sea monster king. The tortoise later shows that she may be the queen, the daughter of Rin Jin. After 3 times, Urashima claims he needs to go back so the queen gives him a field tied with a red silk cord. When Urashima results, he realizes that 300 years have passed. He feels missing and decides to start the box. Once the box is exposed, a pink cloud addresses his head and he becomes earliest pens and lowers down on the seashore and falls dead.
The Happy Hunter and the Skillful Fisherman
China was once governed by Hohodemi, the Pleased Hunter, the fourth Mikoto, who is skilled at hunting. He comes with an folk brother named Skillful Fisher. One day, they decide to change occupation. The Pleased Hunter who knows nothing about fishing accidentally missing the hook and this produce his brother angry. He endeavors to Ryn Gu, the ocean palace of the ocean dragon king Rin Jin in a special basket. With the help of the sea king, he safely recovers the fish land from the neck of the Tai fish. He stayed on for years. Upon causing, the ocean master bestows him with the Treasures of the Movement and Ebb of the Tide. Following returning the fish catch, his brother however hates him. When his brother attempts to eliminates him, the Pleased Hunter employs the Treasure of the Movement of Hold to ton the location but he saves him afterward. Equally of them produce peace together in the end.