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Sailing in Greece

It is hard to generalise about weather patterns within the area. In the summer weeks the north frequently considers the Meltemi from the NNE - NE. But unlike the remaining Aegean it is by no means guaranteed in full and if it does not strike winds sailing in greece generally mild and from the south. The prevailing wind in the south of the area is from the SE and it'll strike from midday before soothing in the evening. It always does not exceed power . There are confined issues with gusts from high land. Astrous on the Peloponnisos is well-known for a katabatic wind at night. It gets up rapidly from calm conditions and may blow a power for hours.
Korfos is just a landlocked bay on the shore two miles to the east of the cape at Trelli. Treatment must be used with a reef that goes out some from the cape. With powerful winds from M -NW fierce gusts may be anticipated from the land. Yachts can move bend or stern to down the quay or point off comprehensive in excess . The bottom is mud and weed and poor keeping in places. There's water on the quay and energy can be delivered. Many provisions can be acquired and you can find good tavernas on the waterfront.
Epidhavros lies further to the south. Yachts can get bow or stern to the quay or pier. Alternately anchor down in the bay. The bottom is mud and weed and offers reasonable holding. There's water on the quay and gasoline in the town. Most provisions may be obtained in town and you can find tavernas in the city and on the waterfront. The village rests at the bottom of wooded mountains and it's an attractive setting. A trip to the ancient Epidhavros theater, a thirty minute cab journey away, is well worth it. The acoustics are wonderful in a theatre that seats.
Vathi is a small fishing town on the Methana peninsula. Yachts may move bend or firm to off the quay with the tavernas. Alternatively anchor off and have a extended point to the breakwater. The underside is dirt and weed and great keeping in the main. There are numerous tavernas ashore and some provisions are available in the village. The setting here's pleasant and doesn't reach packed unlike plenty of the harbours in that area.Aigina Town. Know about the ferries and hydrofoils travelling at pace at the entrance to the harbour. Yachts can get bow or stern to town quay. As an alternative utilize the marina beyond your southern breakwater. The keeping is excellent in the primary in mud but there are some rocks. Protection is excellent in all but solid southerlies that generate some swell. There is water and electrical on the quay and in the marina. Gasoline could be delivered. There is good shopping for provisions and there are a few excellent tavernas on the waterfront.