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Understanding is something very mysterious. How do we "know" a understanding? Why do we all know? When do we realize Information? How a person reaches "know" the "knowledge" and become "knower" is very explainable. Why just Newton could find gravity and Einstein can learn Relativity when it endured right from the afternoon once the galaxy was created.
The tacit information is hard to express in words, thus, it is often called "understanding" as only the one who has that knowledge may be the "knower" of this knowledge. Bangla Tips​ example of tacit information is "to learn how to go ".Every individual and certainly every specie knows just how to walk. Yet this understanding is difficult to be stated in words. In the event that you ask a person how he hikes, he would just answer he wishes to walk then most of the limbs of the human body come together to create the action of strolling automatically. Same holds true with the action of talking, sleeping or eating. We do not actually know, how exactly we articulate a phrase?
Data isn't understanding
Einstein said, "Information isn't understanding ".Simple publishing or remembering some words or phrases can not be called knowledge. It must take a indicating and should make sense to others. How particular little bit of information does seem sensible while different items of data do not? The huge difference lies in the understanding the knowledge.
We don't know when it is the language which have the information, nevertheless we all know that many knowledge is moved through words. Yet information is not contained in words. If it's in the spoken words then how stupid and deaf persons communicate? If is in written phrases, the how an illiterate individual like Kabir turned so a Sufi poet and among the best philosopher, India also had. If it is it by statement, then what sort of blind person like Surdas became a poet and a st ?.If is inborn, how Einstein and Newton's parents were therefore ordinary.
Function as Understanding
That small story includes the truth of knowledge. It explains that information is same as knower. One can recall lots of points or have unlimited data which can be made verbatim. However even with the understanding of the entire world, a man is no better than the usual computer or a selection wherever countless books are stored. He can never obtain the data until he decides to be that knowledge. It's far that reason that actually the most effective computer of the world is greatly less knowledgeable compared to dumbest man. In the story, the saint was able to effectively connect the information of the hazardous effect of the sweets to the kid when he himself became that knowledge.
Knowledge is Same as Knower
The paradox between the knowledge and the knower can be quickly resolved by understanding the lives of the folks who created the knowledge. The knowledge of Buddha was same as Buddha the individual and the knowledge of Christ is just like Christ the person. It never happened in the real history of the mankind that any non-spiritual individual could have actually developed a religious understanding or even a criminal would have published a scripture. It wasn't a mere crash that Einstein generally dwelled in the "other world" and cared small about the worldly pursuits. He, therefore, made the data beyond the world of senses because he herself was different worldly. Hitler would have only developed "Mein Kempf", that is just Hitler in words.
The Trinity of Understanding
It has been described above that knowledge is just like knower. Yet it remains to be discussed regarding how, a person knows. Why Einstein only can find principle for relativity or why only Newton can learn gravity. These bits of information were accessible nowadays because the formation of the universe itself. In ways, they've not found anything new. Their greatness lies in the truth that changed their self so that they can realize the knowledge. Their position then was only to convert the implicit information into explicit or material understanding of words to ensure that the others also can investigate these truths from their (implicit) understanding that is concealed in their own self.
Demystifying Understanding
Information like all masterpieces of the market has three manifestations viz. understanding the phrase, understanding the knower and knowledge the known. Understanding is known just once the self of the knower become same as knowledge. Thus every seeker of understanding has to transform herself just like the inventor of the knowledge i.e. like God the Dad (knower) to understand the knowledge. The remembered knowledge is simply information that the knower can never know. The puzzle of understanding is reveled only when the phone of the data become same since the knower.